Home Care Agencies and Hospice Programs serving Queens County

There are a total of 686 home health and hospice care agencies serving Queens County.

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You clicked on Queens County. Of a total of 622 Licensed Home Care Services Agencies serving the county, the following 128 are based in Queens County.

  1. A-Life Saver Home Care Services, Inc. (Belle Harbor)
  2. ABC Health Service Registry, Inc. (Flushing)
  3. Able Health Care Services, Inc. (Elmhurst)
  4. Able Health Care Services-Hempstead, Inc (Elmhurst)
  5. Adl Senior Choice, Inc. (Woodside)
  6. Aides at Home, Inc. (Elmhurst)
  7. Aliah Home Care, Inc. (Flushing)
  8. All-City Health Care Services Agency, Inc. (Rego Park)
  9. Allen Health Care Services (Forest Hills)
  10. Alternate Health Care, Inc. (Queens Village)
  11. American Business Institute Corp. (Flushing)
  12. Any-Time Home Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  13. Association for Services for the Aged, Inc (Astoria)
  14. At Your Side Home Care Services (East Elmhurst)
  15. Avanti Health Care Services (Bayside)
  16. Bell's Homecare, Inc. (Jamaica)
  17. Bestcare Inc. (Forest Hills)
  18. Better Home Health Care, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  19. Beverly's Home Care Agency (Rego Park)
  20. Bnv Home Care Agency, Inc. (Rego Park)
  21. Boulevard Alp Associates (Fresh Meadows)
  22. Caring Home Care (Ozone Park)
  23. Caring People, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  24. Caring Professionals, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  25. Caring Touch Homecare, Inc. (Queens Village)
  26. Castle Senior Living at Forest Hills (Corona)
  27. Central Home Care (Far Rockaway)
  28. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Ridgewood)
  29. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Flushing)
  30. Community Nursing Agency, Inc. (South Richmond Hill)
  31. Complete Home Care Services, Inc. (St. Albans)
  32. Concern Home Care (Jamaica)
  33. Continental Home Care (Forest Hills)
  34. Coram Healthcare Corporation of Greater New York (Rego Park)
  35. Criticare Helping Hands, LLC (Forest Hills)
  36. Crowne of Life Care Inc (Jamaica)
  37. Del's Comprehensive Health Care Registry Agny, Inc (Bayside)
  38. Dorwin Home Care Agency, Inc. (Hollis)
  39. Effective Home Care, LLC (Astirua)
  40. Elite Medical Staffing (Queens Village)
  41. Elm York Alp (East Elmhurst)
  42. Extracare Home Care Agency (Rockaway Beach)
  43. Family Aides, Inc. (Elmhurst)
  44. G.E.M. Health Care Agency, Inc. (Laurelton)
  45. Gailaz Home Health Care Agy and Staffing Svcs, Inc. (Queens Village)
  46. Global Care of New York, Inc. (Hollis)
  47. Good Samaritan Home Care AGENCY,INC. (Far Rockaway)
  48. Grace and Mercy Home Care Services (Far Rockaway)
  49. Guiding Light Home Care (Jamaica)
  50. Hanac Home Care Services, Inc. (Astoria)
  51. Handy Helping Services (Douglaston)
  52. Happy Days Home Health Care Services (Springfield Gardens)
  53. Harry's Nurses Registry, Inc. (Jamaica)
  54. Healing Hands Home Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  55. Heron Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  56. Home Care at Its Best (Queens Village)
  57. Igbans Home Care Services, Inc. (Springfield Gardens)
  58. Interim Healthcare (Woodside)
  59. International Home Care Services of Ny, LLC (Rego Park)
  60. Intrepid USA Healthcare Services (Queens Village)
  61. J & A Health Services, LLC (Woodside)
  62. JMB Nursing Service (Arverne)
  63. Jos-El Care Agency, Inc. (Rosedale)
  64. Kearney Home Care Services (Long Island City)
  65. Kris Agency and Home Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  66. Liberty Home Care Nurses Employment Agency, Inc. (Richmond Hill)
  67. Long Island Health Care, LLC (New Hyde Park)
  68. Long Island Living Center (Far Rockaway)
  69. Longevity Health Services, LLC (Flushing)
  70. Lynn Agency, Inc. (Hollis)
  71. Mae's Home Care Agency, Inc. (Springfield Garden)
  72. Matria of New York, Inc. (Whitestone)
  73. Maxim of New York, LLC (Long Island City)
  74. Maximum Health Care Registry, Inc. (Rosedale)
  75. Medical and Health Research ASSOC. of Nyc (Corona)
  76. Mmost Excellent Home Care Agency, Inc. (Springfield Gardens)
  77. NCM Home Care Llhcsa (Far Rockaway)
  78. New Haven Manor Alp (Far Rockaway)
  79. New Millennium Ny, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  80. New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (Long Island City)
  81. P C Aide Plus, Inc. (Glendale)
  82. Pagos Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Arverne)
  83. Personal Touch Home Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  84. Polo Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  85. Pomonok Home Services, Inc. (Fresh Meadows)
  86. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Kew Gardens)
  87. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Flushing)
  88. Promedex, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  89. Promptcare Home Infusion of New York, LLC (Bayside)
  90. PSB Home Care Agency (Jamaica)
  91. Qacc Alp Home Care, LLC (Elmhurst)
  92. Qualitycare Staffing Services, Inc. (Laurelton)
  93. Recco Home Care Services, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  94. Region Care Nursing Agency (Jamaica)
  95. Reliable Choice Home Health Care, Inc. (Fresh Meadows)
  96. Right at Home (Franklin Square)
  97. Rite Choice Home Care Agency, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  98. Rockaway Home Attendant Services, Inc. (Far Rockaway)
  99. Rockaway Manor (Far Rockaway)
  100. Royal Health Care Services (Rego Park)
  101. Sanford Manor Home Care Agency (Flushing)
  102. Sara Companion Services, Inc. (Rosedale)
  103. Seniorbridge Family Companies (Ny) Inc. (Rego Park)
  104. Services for the Aged, Inc. (Astoria)
  105. Sharon Home Care Agency (Hollis)
  106. Smart Home Care Agency (Flushing)
  107. Social Concern Community Development Corp. (Laurelton)
  108. Sr Homecare of Ny, Inc. (Flushing)
  109. St. Mary's Community Care Professionals Corporation (Bayside)
  110. Sunnyside Citywide Home Care Services, Inc. (Long Island City)
  111. Sunnyside Home Care Project, Inc. (Sunnyside)
  112. Surfside Manor Home for Adults Lhcsa (Rockaway Beach)
  113. Surfside Manor Home for Adults Llhcsa, LLC (Rockaway Beach)
  114. Sweet P Home Care, Inc. (Jamaica)
  115. Ti-Med Home Care Services, Inc. (Far Rockaway)
  116. Trinity Home Care, LLC (College Point)
  117. United Home Care, Inc. (Elmhurst)
  118. Unlimited Care, Inc. (Long Island City)
  119. Utopia Home Care, Inc. (Elmhurst)
  120. Verdun Home Health Care, Inc. (Laurelton)
  121. VIP Health Care Services (Richmond Hill)
  122. VNS Choice Community Care (Jackson Heights)
  123. X-Treme Care, LLC (Flushing)
  124. Xincon Home Health Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  125. XL Care Agency, Inc. (Glendale)
  126. Y Evergreen Care (Flushing)
  127. York Healthcare, LLC (Kew Gardens)
  128. York Home Care (Flushing)

The following 494 Licensed Home Care Services Agencies also serve Queens County

  1. 1st Aide Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  2. 1st Choice Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  3. A & T Healthcare LLC (New York)
  4. A Caring Hand Services, Inc. (New York)
  5. A Caring Hand, Inc. (New York)
  6. A-Life Saver Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  7. A-Life Saver Home Care Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  8. A-Plus Care HHC Inc. (Brooklyn)
  9. ABC Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  10. Abundant Life Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  11. Access Home Care Inc (Bohemia)
  12. Access Nursing Services (Chappaqua)
  13. Access Nursing Services (New York)
  14. Accredo (Flushing)
  15. Acs Home Care, LLC (Northport)
  16. Acute Care Experts, Inc. (Staten Island)
  17. Adj Wisdom Home Care, Inc. (New York)
  18. Advanced Care, Inc. (Farmingdale)
  19. Advanced Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  20. Advanced Monitored Caregiving, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  21. Advantage Homecare Agency (Brooklyn)
  22. Advo Care, Inc (Melville)
  23. Affable Home Care, Inc. (New York)
  24. Affordable Senior Care of New York (Brooklyn)
  25. AHRC Home Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  26. Aides at Home, Inc. (Staten Island)
  27. Aides at Home, Inc. (Hicksville)
  28. Akshar Nursing Agency (Lake Success)
  29. Alissa Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  30. All American Homecare Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  31. All Care Home Health Services, LLC (Brooklyn)
  32. All County Health Care of New York (Bayshore)
  33. All Metro Health Care (Babylon)
  34. All Metro Health Care (New York)
  35. All Metro Health Care (Lynbrook)
  36. All Metro Health Care (New York)
  37. All Pro Home and Health Care Services, Inc. (Far Rockaway)
  38. All Season Home Attendant (New York)
  39. All You Need Homecare Agency (Baldwin)
  40. Allegiant Home Care, LLC (New York)
  41. Allen Health Care Services (Hempstead)
  42. Allhealth Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  43. Alliance for Health, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  44. Alliance Home Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  45. Allied Health Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  46. Allstar Homecare Agency Inc (Brooklyn)
  47. Allwel (New York)
  48. Alternate Choice Home Care (Brooklyn)
  49. Alternate Staffing, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  50. Alvita Care (New York)
  51. Always Home Care (Brooklyn)
  52. Amazing Home Care Services, LLC (Bronx)
  53. Amber Court at Home Lhcsa (Brooklyn)
  54. Amber Court at Home Lhcsa (Westbury)
  55. American Biomed Homecare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  56. American Community Hi-Tech Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  57. American Hope Home Care Services (Brooklyn)
  58. American Medical Management of New York (Selden)
  59. American Outcomes Management Inc. of New York (New York)
  60. Americare of New York City (Brooklyn)
  61. Angel Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  62. Anne Blue Home Health Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  63. Anr Advance Home Care Services (Brooklyn)
  64. Arlette's Home Care Agency, Inc (Hempstead)
  65. Assisted Home Care Services (St. Albans)
  66. At Home Solutions, LLC (Richmond Hills)
  67. Atria Home Care (Great Neck)
  68. Attending Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  69. Attentive Care, Inc. (Babylon)
  70. Attentive Care, Inc. (Hicksville)
  71. Avalon Nurses Registry, Inc. (New York)
  72. Avondale Care Group, LLC (New York)
  73. Azor Home Care, Inc. (New Rochelle)
  74. Balm of Gilead Homecare Agency, Inc. (Bronx)
  75. Bayada Home Health Care, Inc. (Hauppauge)
  76. Bayada Home Health Care, Inc. (New York)
  77. Bayada Home Health Care, Inc. (Garden City)
  78. Beacon Eldercare, Inc. (Maspeth)
  79. Best Choice Home Health Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  80. Best Choice Home Health Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  81. Besure Home Health Services Agency, Inc. (Bronx)
  82. Beth Emeth Home Attendant Service, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  83. Bethesda Elite Care, Inc. (Manorville)
  84. Better Helpers, Inc. (New York)
  85. Better Home Health Care, Inc. (Rockville Centre)
  86. Bhrags Home Care Corp. (Brooklyn)
  87. Big Apple Homecare Agency Inc (Brooklyn)
  88. Bioscrip Nursing Services LLC (Forest Hills)
  89. Bluebird Care (Brooklyn)
  90. Bronx Jewish Community Council/Home ATTN.SVCS.,INC (Bronx)
  91. Bronxwood Home for the Aged, Inc. (Bronx)
  92. Brooklyn Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  93. Brookville Home Care, LLC (Oyster Bay)
  94. Bryan Skilled Home Care, Inc. (Amityville)
  95. Bushwick Stuyvesant Heights Home Attendant, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  96. C.I.D.N.Y. Independent Services (Brooklyn)
  97. Cabrini Care at Home (New York)
  98. Cabs Home Attendants Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  99. Care at Home - Diocese of Brooklyn, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  100. Care Connection Home Care, LLC (Wantagh)
  101. Carelink, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  102. Carelink, Inc. (Floral Park)
  103. Caremates, Inc. (Staten Island)
  104. Carewell Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  105. Caring 1 Home Healthcare (New York)
  106. Caring Hands Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  107. Caring Hands Home Care, Inc. (Bayport)
  108. Caring Moments Homecare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  109. Caring Professionals, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  110. Chad Home Health Agency Inc. (Brooklyn)
  111. Chdfs, Inc. (New York)
  112. Chinese-American Planning Council Home Attendant Program, Inc (New York)
  113. Cidny Independent Living Services (New York)
  114. Citi Health Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  115. City Choice Home Care Services (Brooklyn)
  116. City Wide Home Care (Brooklyn)
  117. City-Wide Nurses Registry, Inc. (Bronx)
  118. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Amityville)
  119. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (New York)
  120. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Bronx)
  121. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  122. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  123. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  124. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (New York)
  125. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (New York)
  126. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (New York)
  127. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Bronx)
  128. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (Bronx)
  129. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (New York)
  130. Cl Healthcare, Inc. (New York)
  131. Cl Helathcare, Inc. (Staten Island)
  132. Classic Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  133. CNR (Smithtown)
  134. Cohme (New York)
  135. Coley-Haynes Home Care Nursing Service (Islip)
  136. Comfort Home Care, LLC (East Meadow)
  137. Community Care Home Health Services (Smithtown)
  138. Community Care Home Health Services (Richmond Hill)
  139. Community Care Organization, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  140. Community Home Care Referral Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  141. Companions Plus (Wetbury)
  142. Comprehensive Home Care (Bronx)
  143. Comprehensive Home Care Services, LLC (New York)
  144. Comprehensive Resources, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  145. Concord Home Health Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  146. Constant Care (Bronx)
  147. Continuity Home Health Care (New York)
  148. Cooper Square Nurses Registry (New York)
  149. Cooperative Home Care Associates, Inc. (Bronx)
  150. Coram Healthcare Corporation of Greater New York (Plainview)
  151. Coram Healthcare Corporation of Greater New York (Kingston)
  152. Cottage Home Care Services, Inc. (Hicksville)
  153. Courtesy Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  154. Critical Health Care Registered Nursing Services, P.C. (Port Jefferson)
  155. Crystal Home Care Services, Inc. (Staten Island)
  156. CSI (Staten Island)
  157. Cudley's Home Care Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  158. Darby's Health Care Services (Bayshore)
  159. David York Agency, Ltd. (Brooklyn)
  160. Dependable Home Care, Inc (Brooklyn)
  161. Dignacare (New York)
  162. Dignity Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  163. Dignity Home Care, Inc. (Great Neck)
  164. Doj Home Care Agency, Inc. (Bronx)
  165. Dunkez Private Home Care (Bronx)
  166. Eagle Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  167. Edison Home Health Care (Brooklyn)
  168. Elderserve of Manhattan (New York)
  169. Elite Home Services, LLC (New York)
  170. Elmy's Special Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  171. Emanuel Services (Brooklyn)
  172. Empire Home Care Solutions (Bronx)
  173. En-Care, Inc. (New York)
  174. Enriched Living (New York)
  175. Ep Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  176. Etienne Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  177. European Expert Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  178. Evergreenchoice, LLC (New York)
  179. Everyday Care, Inc. (New York)
  180. Exlusive Care (Bronx)
  181. Extended Care Health Services (Westbury)
  182. Fadmo International Corporation (Staten Island)
  183. Family Aides, Inc. (Hicksville)
  184. Family Home Care SVCS. of Brooklyn & Queens, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  185. Family Home Health Care, Inc. (Medford)
  186. Family PED. H.C. DIV. of Tri-Borough H.C. Ltd. (Hempstead)
  187. Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc (New York)
  188. Fegs Home Attendant Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  189. Fegs Home Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  190. Finest Home Care Corp (Brooklyn)
  191. First Care of New York, Inc. (Bronx)
  192. First Chinese Presbyterian Comm Affairs Hac (New York)
  193. First Choice Home Care, Inc. (Great Neck)
  194. First Step Registered Nursing, Pc (New York)
  195. Five Borough Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  196. Five Star Home Health Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  197. Floral Home Care, LLC (Bronx)
  198. Foremost Home Care, Inc. (New York)
  199. Foster Nurses Agency Usa, Inc. (New York)
  200. Four Seasons Home Care (Brooklyn)
  201. Freedom Eldercare (New York)
  202. Friendly Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  203. Friends Home Care Agency (Bayshore)
  204. Full Care (Rockville Centre)
  205. Functional Life Achievement, Inc. (New York)
  206. Future Care Health Services (New York)
  207. G.E.M. Health Care Agency, Inc. (Freeport)
  208. Gentiva Health Services (Brooklyn)
  209. Geriatric Resource Consultants CO., LLC (Brooklyn)
  210. Girling Health Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  211. Gold and Silver Aging Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  212. Golden Apple Homecare (Bronx)
  213. Goldenhearts Elderly Care Services (Bronx)
  214. Good Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  215. Gotham Per Diem, Inc. (New York)
  216. Gotham Per Diem, Inc. (Bronx)
  217. Greatcare, Inc. (New York)
  218. Greater New York Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  219. Gurwin Home Care Agency, Inc. (Hempstead)
  220. Hamaspik of Rockland County, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  221. Hand in Hand Together Home Care (Bronx)
  222. Happy and Healthy at Home, LLC (Brooklyn)
  223. Harbor Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  224. HCS (Brooklyn)
  225. Healing Hands Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  226. Health and Comfort Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  227. Healthline Home Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  228. Healthy Care Ny, Inc. (New York)
  229. Healthy Start Homecare Agency, LLC (New York)
  230. Healthy Start Homecare Agency, LLC (Brooklyn)
  231. Heart To Heart Home Care (Bronx)
  232. Heart To Heart Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  233. Heart To Home, Inc. (North Bellmore)
  234. Helpful Hand Agency Inc. (Brooklyn)
  235. Helping Hands (Hempstead)
  236. Heritage Homecare Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  237. HHH Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  238. HHH Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  239. High Standard Home Care Inc. (Brooklyn)
  240. Holistic Home Care Agency (Brooklyn)
  241. Home Attendant Service of Hyde Park (Brooklyn)
  242. Home Attendant Vendor Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  243. Home Care for Children, Inc. (Merrick)
  244. Home Care Specialist, Inc. (Floral Park)
  245. Home Care Staffers (Brooklyn)
  246. Home Care Therapies LLC (Staten Island)
  247. Home Care Therapies LLC (Hicksville)
  248. Home Family Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  249. Home Health Management Services, Inc. (New York)
  250. Home Instead Senior Care (Hauppauge)
  251. Home Instead Senior Care (New York)
  252. Homecare Solutions, Inc. (East Setauket)
  253. Homesense Health Care (Brooklyn)
  254. Hope Home Care, Inc. (Staten Island)
  255. Hopeton Care (Brooklyn)
  256. Housecalls (Brooklyn)
  257. Human Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  258. Human Development Association, Inc (Brooklyn)
  259. I & Y Senior Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  260. Ida's Agency (New York)
  261. Ideal Home Health Inc. (Brooklyn)
  262. Immediate Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  263. Individual Home Care Providers, Inc. (Centereach)
  264. Infusion Healthcare, LLC (Garden City)
  265. Infusion Healthcare, LLC (Staten Island)
  266. Infusion Options, Inc (Brooklyn)
  267. Innovative Health Care Systems, Inc. (New York)
  268. Institute Home Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  269. Intergen Health, LLC (Bronx)
  270. Interim Healthcare SVCS. of Rockland & Orange Co. (Stony Brook)
  271. Interpool Temporary Personnel, Inc. (Hicksville)
  272. Intrepid USA Healthcare Services (Seaford)
  273. Isabella Visiting Care, Inc. (New York)
  274. Island Home Care Agency, Inc. (Speonk)
  275. Jacob Nursing & Healthcare Emplyment Servs Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  276. James B. Grass Nursing (New York)
  277. Jarme Home and Healthcare Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  278. Jasacare (New York)
  279. Jewish Community Council Services Commission, Inc. (New York)
  280. Jewish Home Lifecare, Home Assistance Personnel, Inc. (Bronx)
  281. JHCS, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  282. JNJ Home Health Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  283. Js Homecare Agency of Ny, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  284. JSP Life Agency, Inc. (Bronx)
  285. Jules Home Healthcare, Inc. (Bronx)
  286. Jzanus Home Care, Inc. (Floral Park)
  287. Jzanus Home Care, Inc. (Forest Hills)
  288. Kind Care (New York)
  289. Latin Home Care (Bronx)
  290. Lewis Home Care Agency (Bronx)
  291. Lh Wellbeing Care, Inc. (New York)
  292. Life Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  293. Life Quality Homecare Agency, Inc (Staten Island)
  294. Light 101, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  295. Lighthouse Home Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  296. Living Waters Home Care Agency (Brooklyn)
  297. Long Beach Assisted Living (Long Beach)
  298. Long Island Care at Home, Ltd. (Hicksville)
  299. Long Island Health Care, LLC (Floral Park)
  300. Loving Hands Health Care Agency (New York)
  301. Lower West Side Household Services Corporation (New York)
  302. M.B.S.C.C. (Bronx)
  303. Madonna Perinatal Services (Jericho)
  304. Magic Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  305. Majestice Touch Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  306. Maple Pointe Senior Care Lhcsa (Rockville Center)
  307. Marathon Healthcare Corp (Brooklyn)
  308. Margret Ultra Home Care, Inc. (Staten Island)
  309. Marian Care, Inc. (Williston Park)
  310. Marina Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  311. Marina Homecare Agency of Ny, Inc. (Riverhead)
  312. Maxcare LLC (Brooklyn)
  313. Maxim of New York, LLC (Westbury)
  314. Medford Hamlet Home Care (Medford)
  315. Merlmax Challenge Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  316. Mermaid Manor Home for Adults Lhcsa (Brooklyn)
  317. Met Council Home Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  318. Metrocare Givers, A Division of Tri-Borough Home Care (New York)
  319. Metrocare Home Services (Brooklyn)
  320. Metrocare, Inc. (Staten Island)
  321. Metropolitan Homecare WAY. Inc. (Brooklyn)
  322. Metropolitan Jewish Lhcsa (Brooklyn)
  323. Mical Home Health Care (Bronx)
  324. Milestones in Home Care, Inc. (Farmingdale)
  325. Millennium Home Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  326. Mj-Mc Home Health Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  327. Mobilization for Youth Health Services, Inc. (New York)
  328. Morning Star Home Health Agency, Inc. (Bohemia)
  329. Motherly Love Home Care Services, Inc. (Centereach)
  330. Mr Homecare Agency of Ny, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  331. Mrs G's Services, LLC (Bronx)
  332. MRS. Mary's Place Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  333. MZL Home Care Agency, LLC (Brooklyn)
  334. MZL Home Care Agency, LLC (Patchogue)
  335. N.P. Agency, Inc. (New York)
  336. Nannys for Grannys, Inc. (Patchoque)
  337. NC Homecare Agency of Ny, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  338. Neighbors Home Care (Bronx)
  339. Nesbitt's Home Care (Mount Sinai)
  340. New Century Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  341. New Fordham Arms Assisted Living (Bronx)
  342. New Gloria's Manor Home for Adults (Brooklyn)
  343. New Universal Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  344. New York Health Care, Inc. (Valley Stream)
  345. New York Health Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  346. Novel Home Health Care Services of New York Corp. (Brooklyn)
  347. Nurses in the Park, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  348. Nurses on Hand Registry, Inc. (Rockville Centre)
  349. Nursing Personnel Homecare (Brooklyn)
  350. NY Fndn for Senior Citizens Home Attendant Serv Inc. (New York)
  351. Omega Home Health Services (Brooklyn)
  352. On Time Home Care Agency (Brooklyn)
  353. Optimum Health Group, Inc. (New York)
  354. P.S.C. Community Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  355. Palace Home Care Agency (Oyster Bay)
  356. Palm Beach Health Care Agency (Brooklyn)
  357. Paracelete Home Health Care, LLC (Huntington)
  358. Paramount Homecare Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  359. Parent Care Home Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  360. Partners in Care, Inc (New York)
  361. PCI Home Care Group, Inc. (Bronx)
  362. Pella Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  363. People Care, Inc. (New York)
  364. People Care, Inc. (Hicksville)
  365. Perseverance Care Agency (New York)
  366. Personal Touch Home Care of Long Island, Inc. (West Hempstead)
  367. PHC Services, Ltd. (Westbury)
  368. PHC Services, Ltd. (Brooklyn)
  369. PHC Services, Ltd. (Bronx)
  370. Pioneer Homecare Inc (Bronx)
  371. Plan and Partner Home Healthcare (Staten Island)
  372. Platinum Home Health Care (Brooklyn)
  373. Precious Key Home Care (Brooklyn)
  374. Preferred Home Care of New York (Brooklyn)
  375. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Wetbury)
  376. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  377. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  378. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (New York)
  379. Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  380. Prestige Care, Inc. (New York)
  381. Pridecare, Inc. (New York)
  382. Prime Care, Inc. (New York)
  383. Priority Home Care, Inc. (Westbury)
  384. Priority Home Care, Inc. (New York)
  385. Privatus Care Solutions, Inc. (Bronx)
  386. Professional Registered Nursing, P.C. (Bronx)
  387. Project OHR (Office for Homecare Referral), Inc. (New York)
  388. Promise Home Care Agency, Inc. (Bronx)
  389. Promptcare Home Infusion of New York, LLC. (Farmingdale)
  390. Prospect Park Residence Home Health Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  391. Providence Home Care Services (Brooklyn)
  392. PSC Community Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  393. Psychotherapy Counselling Homecare SERV. of Gr NY (New York)
  394. Puerto Rican Home Attendant Services, Inc. (Bronx)
  395. Quality Healthcare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  396. Queens Homecare Agency, Inc. (New York)
  397. Rain Home Attendant Services Inc. (Bronx)
  398. Real Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  399. Regency of Boro Park Lhcsa (Brooklyn)
  400. Region Care Nursing Agency (Great Neck)
  401. Region Care Nursing Agency (Hempstead)
  402. Reliable Community Care, Inc. (New York)
  403. Renaissance Home Health Care (Elmhurst)
  404. Renaissance Home Health Care (Brooklyn)
  405. Renewal Care Partners, LLC (New York)
  406. Restoration Homecare Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  407. Reverend Robert V. Lott Assisted Living Residence (New York)
  408. Richmond Home Need Services, Inc. (Staten Island)
  409. Richmond Uni Home Care, Inc. (Staten Island)
  410. Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Hcc, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  411. Right at Home (Brooklyn)
  412. Right at Home North Shore Li (Hicksville)
  413. Right Step Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  414. Rishavena Home Health Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  415. Riverdale Home Care Agency (Bronx)
  416. Ropen Health Care Services, Inc. (Brentwood)
  417. Ropen Health Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  418. Royal (Brooklyn)
  419. Royal Health Care Services (Great Neck)
  420. S & A Unified Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  421. S & L Home Health Care Agency (Brooklyn)
  422. Safe Haven Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  423. Salcare Home Health Services, Inc. (New York)
  424. Scharome Cares, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  425. School Settlement Home Attendant Service Corp. (Brooklyn)
  426. Sct Homecare Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  427. Sebnc Quality Vending Service, Inc. (Bronx)
  428. Select Care (New York)
  429. Selective Care Agency (Bronx)
  430. Selfhelp Community Services Home Attendant Corp (New York)
  431. Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. (New York)
  432. Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. (Hempstead)
  433. Senior Helpers (New York)
  434. Senior Home Care, Inc. (New York)
  435. Seniorbridge Family Companies (Ny) Inc. (Brooklyn)
  436. Seniorbridge Family Companies (Ny) Inc. (Wantagh)
  437. Seniorbridge Family Companies (Ny) Inc. (New York)
  438. Seniorcare Hha Inc. (Islip)
  439. Sephardic Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  440. Services for the Underserved Home Att Program, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  441. Services for the Underserved Home Care SVCS., Inc. (Brooklyn)
  442. Shene Nursing Service (East Hampston)
  443. Signature Care (Brooklyn)
  444. Sincere Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  445. Sobola Enterprises and Home Care Services, Inc (Brooklyn)
  446. South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. (Mineola)
  447. South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. (Oakdale)
  448. Special Touch Home Care Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  449. St. Nicholas Human Support Corp. (Brooklyn)
  450. Star Multi Care Systems (Melville)
  451. Summit Home Health Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  452. Sweet Home Care Service, Inc. (Freeport)
  453. Sweet Sunshine Home Health Care Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  454. Synergy Homecare (New York)
  455. Tender Care Employment Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  456. The Caring Neighbor, Inc. (New York)
  457. The Center for Family Support, Inc. (New York)
  458. The Dennelisse Lhcsa (New York)
  459. The Stella Orton Home Care Agency, Inc. (Staten Island)
  460. Today's Homecare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  461. Tov-Care Home Health Care Services, LLC (Brooklyn)
  462. Tradition LLC (Brooklyn)
  463. Tri-Borough Home Care, Ltd. (Brooklyn)
  464. Tri-County Home Nursing Services, Inc. (Westbury)
  465. Tri-County Home Nursing Services, Inc. (Coram)
  466. Trinamco, Inc. (Bronx)
  467. True Care (Brooklyn)
  468. UHS Home Attendants, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  469. UJC of the Eastside Home Attendant Service Corp (New York)
  470. Ultimate Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  471. Ultimate Srvices for You, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  472. Unity Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  473. Universal Development Home Services, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  474. Universal Service Center, Ltd. (Brooklyn)
  475. Unlimited Care, Inc. (Hicksville)
  476. Unlimited Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  477. Urban Strategies Home Attendant Services (Brooklyn)
  478. Utopia Home Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  479. Utopia Home Care, Inc. (Bronx)
  480. Utopia Home Care, Inc. (Westbury)
  481. Utopia Home Care, Inc. (Rockville Center)
  482. Valucare, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  483. Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc. (Hempstead)
  484. Village Care Plus, Inc. (New York)
  485. VIP Health Care Services (Uniondale)
  486. Visiting Angels (Bohemia)
  487. Wagner Home Care Agency (Bronx)
  488. Wartburg Care at Home (Forest Hills)
  489. Washington Heights Home Care Program, Inc. (Mount Vernon)
  490. Welcome Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  491. West Brighton Home Care Services Agency (Staten Island)
  492. White Glove Community Care, Inc. (Brooklyn)
  493. X-Treme Care, LLC (Brooklyn)
  494. Your Choice Homecare Agency, Inc. (Brooklyn)